The Nutrithentic Philosophy

We believe that nutrition change is most effective and lasting when the science of nutrition is interwoven with three guiding principles:

  • What we need for our bodies. This depends on our individual biochemistry, genetics, and health circumstances.

  • What we choose to eat. This depends on our thoughts, emotions, values, and food preferences.

  • What is available to eat. This depends on what foods are available in our surroundings and our ability to obtain them.

If nutrition improvements have been ineffective in the past, at least one of these areas is probably tripping you up. We’re here to help you find out where your main challenges are, how to confront them and how nutrition science applies to your unique situation.

Welcome to authentic nutrition!

Lauren Pickens MS RDN

Lauren Pickens is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Louisville, Colorado. She started her first private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009 and ran it successfully until 2015, when she relocated to Colorado. After taking a family break to help with the transition, she reopened her practice in Louisville in 2017.

Lauren is a second career dietitian. Her 10 plus years of experience in food and pharmaceutical quality assurance have fine tuned her ability to sleuth out the underlying causes of problems and find appropriate solutions. It also helps her easily distinguish nutrition and food myths from realities.

Lauren’s approach helps clients find clarity, direction and hope with whatever nutrition challenge they face. She focuses on compassionate connection with all of her clients, helping them uncover root causes to their nutrition challenges and coaching them to success, however they may define it. She has experience working with a wide variety of clients, but is particularly passionate about helping those with eating disorders on their path to recovery, and helping clients customize their nutrition through nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Lauren holds a MS in Human Nutrition from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Her Master’s Thesis “Genetic Determinants of Weight Gain in College Freshman Women”, inspired her ongoing interest in the area of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. She completed her Dietetic Internship at the University of New Mexico, where she was recognized by her state professional organization as “Outstanding Dietetic Intern”.

When she is not working you can usually find Lauren doing something active and hanging out with her husband and two kids. She enjoys golf, hiking and camping in warm weather, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter, and trail running anytime.

Eating Disorders Boot Camp

Counseling Intensive for Nutrition Professionals

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Training

Nutrition Focused Physical Examination- Workshop for Registered Dietitians, Rutgers University

Outstanding Dietetics Student, New Mexico Dietetic Association

Recognized Young Dietitian, New Mexico Dietetic Association

Certified Intuitive Eating Pro, The Original Intuitive Eating Pros®

Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Member

Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice Group, Member

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Member

International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Member

Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group, Member

Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Practice Group, Member

Toastmasters International, Member

Reimbursement Representative, Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, current

Executive Board Secretary, La Puerta de Los Ninos Preschool, past

State Policy Representative, New Mexico Dietetic Association, past

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