Individual Nutrition Counseling

help individuals age 16 and older with:

Autoimmune Conditions2017-11-13T17:52:56-06:00

Living with an autoimmune condition can feel lonely. You soldier through pain and fatigue to try to live a normal life. You also may have unusual, unexplained symptoms, or feel like you are waiting for that next “flare” to show up. Let’s work together to maximize your nutrition and support your wellbeing

Eating Disorders2017-11-13T17:53:57-06:00

Contacting a dietitian for help with an eating disorder can feel scary. We understand, and recognize your courage. We’re here to be your expert coach, guide, trusted confidant and biggest supporter. We will collaborate with your provider team. You will need pushes and pulls on the road to recovery, but we’re with you every step of the way. You are not your eating disorder and we’re most definitely not the food police. Please reach out to see if we’re a fit. It’s possible to find recovery and you deserve it.

Food Intolerances and IBS2017-11-13T17:54:52-06:00

Are you wondering if you have a food intolerance or if your IBS is being triggered by certain foods? It can be confusing trying to figure it out on your own. Contact us to discuss a structured food elimination test, FODMAPS or available testing.

General Health and Wellness2017-11-13T17:55:47-06:00

Are you already healthy and just want to make some improvements? Maybe you know what you want to accomplish but need a coach to keep you on target. Contact us for more information on nutrition coaching for general health and wellness.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol2017-11-29T04:07:52-06:00

Let’s work together to change your diet and lifestyle to get control of your numbers. With the right changes made consistently, it’s possible to bring your numbers down enough to reduce or prevent medications. Contact us to get started.

Intuitive Eating2017-11-13T17:59:47-06:00

Are you tired of dieting? Do you struggle with emotional eating or rigid food rules? Intuitive Eating, originated by dietitians Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole, is a non-diet approach that focuses on creating a healthy relationship with mind, body and food. Lauren has trained with Evelyn Tribole and is a Certified Intuitive Eating Pro. Contact us to learn how to eat the way you were meant to eat.

Nutrigenetics / Nutrigenomics2017-11-13T18:01:45-06:00

Have you had nutrition-related genetic testing done and need help figuring out and implementing the right diet changes? Are you interested in learning if nutritional genetic testing might make sense for you? This is an area of nutrition that is growing fast. Contact us for guidance.

Weight Management2017-11-13T18:03:44-06:00

Weight management is challenging on many levels. Our approach focuses on finding the root causes of what has contributed to your weight situation. We then work on crafting an approach to eating centered on dealing with these root issues to find lasting change. Contact us to begin your journey towards peace of mind.

Vegetarian / Vegan2017-11-13T18:02:31-06:00

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan can be a healthy choice for you and for the environment. It can be challenging to do it right. Work with us to make sure you are getting the right nutrients so you can take advantage of this healthful approach to eating.

Other Concerns? Contact Us.2017-11-29T04:10:11-06:00

If you have another situation that is not listed here, please contact us to discuss your circumstance. We may be able to help.

Where Do We Meet?

In our Louisville, Colorado office

By secure video

By phone

All About Counseling Sessions

Before Your First Session

After you schedule, you’ll receive an intake form to complete and bring to your first session. We may also ask you to bring things like a log (for food, symptoms, and/or exercise), lab or test results and medical records. Please bring your thoughts and concerns.

First Session – Initial Assessment

This visit is usually the longest. We’ll collect your information and talk with you in depth. Your dietitian will listen carefully to your concerns and priorities. You and your dietitian will work together to develop specific goals and a targeted yet flexible plan to reach them.

Following Sessions

Additional sessions will be used to continue progress towards your goals. Each visit has a focus, but is flexible to meet your needs in the moment. Nutrition-related change can be surprisingly challenging, so keeping the focus flexible and small is important.

Examples Of What To Expect From A Session

  • Specific nutrition-related goals to work on between sessions

  • Educational resources or activities related to your situation

  • Clarity for challenging or confusing nutrition-related situations resulting from thoughts, beliefs, emotions, life circumstances

  • Structured meal plans, if medically warranted

  • Recommendations for additional testing

  • Discussion of nutrition-related test results and actions to take

  • Support, encouragement – and lots of it!

How Do I Pay?

Cash or Check

Major Credit Cards or HSA Cards

Insurance Plans Accepted


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Lauren is an active member of Toastmasters International and completed her Competent Communicator certificate in 2017. She has prior experience teaching college level courses and delivering talks to corporate and community groups. She has a genuine, straightforward and engaging speaking style. Please contact us to discuss your needs for a talk of up to one hour.


Currently, there are no group classes scheduled. Please check back with us.

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